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Our Departments

Natural Life Health Market features one of Canada’s largest selections of supplements, natural foods, certified organic produce, books, beauty aids, cosmetics and so much more.

You’ll find a full selection of all 100% certified organically grown fruits & vegetables. A huge grocery section features everything from butter to baby food, tofu to pasta and baked goods to organic meats. For those on wheat-free, dairy-free, sugar-free or gluten-free diets, it’s easier than ever to find great tasting foods to fit within your diet.

We carry a wide variety of products across our selection of departments which you can find below. Contact us for more information about a specific product today!

Vitamins, Supplements and Homeopathy

We selling vitamins, supplements and sports nutrition products , and our friendly team of Supplements experts bring with them a wealth of nutritional information. If you have questions, we have the information and people to help you make the best choices for you.

If you’re looking for expert nutritional, homeopathic, herbal and sports nutrition information, then look no further. We stock only premium lines with a reputation for safety, strict adherence to manufacturing standards, and efficacy.

Health and Beauty

Helping our Customers live healthier, better lives goes beyond simply having the right foods available in our stores. It extends to all products, in all departments, including Health and Beauty Care.

This department is home to products our Customers use every day.Here, you will find everything from hair care and skin care products to vitamins and supplements – and a whole lot more.

We carry your favourite name brand products at great prices.


Our Produce department is dedicated to providing you with the highest quality produce in the market. We do this by choosing local and organic fruits and vegetables whenever possible while demanding freshness and exclusive products from our vendor partners.

We have a wide selection of grocery and household items for you to choose from and we have everything you need to make delicious meals.

We offer a wide variety of groceries at competitive prices. In our grocery department we strive to offer you the most friendly and knowledgeable customer service you’ll find in town!


There are many reasons frozen foods are a great choice for your family.

Ultimately, freezing keeps food fresh. Freezing locks in that fresh taste until you’re ready to enjoy. Plus, frozen foods are just as nutritious as fresh foods, so you can get that nutrition without worrying about eating before your food spoils. When it comes to shopping for your family, frozen foods are an option that provide convenience and quality at once.

From fruits and vegetables frozen at their peak to meal solutions, we has lots of great options for you choose from.

Dairy and Refrigerated

Throughout our Dairy Department, you’ll find the brands you know and trust right alongside a great variety of natural products and those produced by local vendors and partners. Our goal is to provide you with choices that match your lifestyle and your budget.

Today we remain committed to a Dairy Department that leads the way in healthy alternatives and supports local vendors and the environment, all while providing good-value products for you and your family.

Organic Produce

The Produce department offers a great selection of items from the everyday to the specialty and hard-to-find. We strive to bring you the latest trends and award-winners. Our departments also feature widening selections of organic and natural foods.

The main point of difference between our produce and other produce stores is the mix of gourmet, organic and natural foods we carry in our markets. Each of our stores tries to incorporate items that the surrounding community is requesting. In effect, our stores try to tailor what they carry according to the needs of the community.

Natural Life Market has a grocery department that is a true mixture of organic, natural and conventional items. No matter which isle you are shopping in, you will find the selection to suit your individual needs. If you cannot find the products that you desire, whether it be natural, organic or conventional, please ask any of our staff and we will attempt to obtain it for you.

Organic Bulk and Herbs

The wise shopper can save big in our bulk department. Nuts, grains, oils, nut butters, maple syrup, tea & coffee, herbs & spices, baking supplies and more can be purchased in quantities from a pinch to pounds. You can bring in your own containers, or get them here.

By purchasing in bulk, you save money and cut down on excessive packaging, thereby doing the planet a favour, too.we offer you bulk food savings, in already-packaged foods.

We take extra steps to ensure the best quality keeping our nuts, seeds, and flours refrigerated for optimum freshness; and offering sanitary pre-packaged bags for your convenience.

Natural Cleaning

Eco-friendly cleaning products with a minimum effect on the environment, a great first step to making your home a little bit more environment friendly.

Whether it is cleaning liquids or powders you are after or whether it’s your dishes, clothes, floors, surfaces, leather sofa or your stainless steel fittings you need to clean, you will find it in our Natural Cleaning products department.

Reverse Osmosis Water

Take advantage of our super-low cost water jug refilling program, you’ll get to enjoy pure fresh water at a fraction of the cost of store bought water – and you’ll be helping save the environment from the single-bottle water industry. Decide for yourself if it’s time to change your drinking water habits to include pure, fresh water from our location.


We believe that living bodies have everything needed to fight disease, and that when given a good nutritional foundation that animals are able to live long and healthy lives, while also being able to combat any diseases that may arise.

At Natural Life Market we want to see all our furry friends live long and comfortable lives.

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